Get ready to walk into your place of favor


 When my brother Dion came walking through the doors of the church one Sunday in August, I immediately started crying. I was so surprised to see him. He lives in Alabama and we hadn’t had a face-to-face visit since the Lord healed me back in March 2017.

I found out afterward that my parents had orchestrated the whole thing. They kept their master plan to reconnect us a secret, so I would be totally unaware. And boy was I ever caught off guard in the best way possible! That touched me.

It’s hard to believe that four months ago, I could hardly walk, talk, eat, or function. Doctors had given up on me and told me I would just be in pain forever. Even the specialists who work in the field researching the latest on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, the conditions I was diagnosed with, had no idea what to do for me!

Oh, but when the specialists fail, The Specialist of Specialists, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, never fails.

My brother preached Sunday, prophesied and encouraged the small body of believers at Evangelistic Temple COGIC, where my husband Kenya and I serve as Executive Pastor and First Lady. I talk about the encounter in my latest YouTube video, which you can see on my official channel.

Dion preached about Joseph and how he had to go through a process before the dream the Lord gave him as a teenager came true. The sermon was awesome and empowering.

In Genesis 39, we see Joseph, to whom God revealed in dreams that he would one day be a powerful leader (Genesis 37), being sold to an influential Egyptian man. His new Master, Potiphar, was “captain of the guard”—literally meaning a slaughterer—for Pharaoh, the Egyptian king.

After Joseph began working for this chief executioner, Potiphar noticed what an excellent servant he was. The Bible tells us that, because of God’s favor, Joseph succeeded in everything he did and Potiphar’s house was blessed because of him. Potiphar knew that God was with Joseph. So he promoted him twice. First, he became Potiphar’s personal attendant and later, was elevated to administrator over everything Potiphar owned.

Joseph ran it all.

Unfortunately, Potiphar’s wife began lusting after Joseph and was personally offended when he refused her advances. So she falsely accused him of sexual misconduct (Genesis 39:7-20), which landed him in jail.

That must have been devastating. But God had a plan for Joseph, even while he was incarcerated.

Sometimes, the situations we cry over, agonize over, ask God to deliver us out of and feel forsaken in the midst of, are the very circumstances tied to our breakthrough. When I was sick, it certainly didn't feel like anything good was coming of it. When doctors gave up on me, I didn't feel favored, but I knew I was.

Favor is not a feeling. It is a fact. No matter how my emotions and circumstances fluctuated, God's favor was on me. And His favor is on you, too. I didn't realize God had a plan to heal me and use my testimony to remind the people of God that He still works miracles.

I wasn't aware that I had to go through such pain to get to a deeper and greater level of anointing, and purpose. But God knew all along. He knew He would shift my circumstances, even when I was unaware. He would use my situation to help me walk into a place of greater favor.

What a mighty God we serve, right?


"Everything that seemed to work AGAINST you in the beginning will work FOR you in the end.  A shift is coming!"

God can turn anything around!

Not only did Joseph interpret dreams in jail, but God gave him favor with the jailer. So Joseph stepped into administrative shoes and acted as the warden. He was over the other prisoners. That meant he was able to further develop and enhance his management skills he had learned in Potiphar’s house. What he knew was about to come in handy.

God knew Joseph was going from the prison to the palace.

Using his divine gift of interpreting dreams while locked up exposed Joseph's gift to the king’s cup-bearer, who was also locked up at the time. Later, after the royal servant’s release, he introduced Joseph to Pharaoh when the king was in need of an interpreter.

As you see, the person God hand-selected to help usher Joseph into destiny was also in jail. The very place that seemed to be the lowest of the low, reserved for criminals and castaways, was the breeding ground for destiny.

Friend, in this current season, you may feel imprisoned by your circumstances, but you’re not in prison. You’re in prep school. God is preparing you for the breakthrough that’s coming. Hold on. By the time Joseph’s date with destiny arrived and he came face-to-face with Pharaoh (Genesis 41), he was polished, experienced and well able to manage the resources of Egypt in a time of famine.

See how God caused all things to work together for Joseph’s good? His process was disappointing, painful, unfair and unmistakably hard. But God’s purpose was being fulfilled through it all. Something amazing came out of all he went through.

Today, God wants you to be assured that He’s causing everything that seemed to be working against you in the beginning to work for you in the end. So don’t get down in the dumps over the process. This isn’t the end of your story. No matter what it looks like now, get ready to walk into your place of favor. Hold your head up high. Straighten up your back and square your shoulders. Act like you know you're on your way somewhere. God is using you as a model and example in His Kingdom.

After Joseph settled into his new role and got married, he had children. He named his second son Ephraim for a very specific reason, which I’m stirring into your cup of inspiration.

Joseph’s words about the naming of his seed are found in Genesis 41:52 NASB, where he says, “God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, know that your affliction is tied to your promotion. Even in your affliction, God is making you fruitful. Your struggle is not the end. This is only a test. This is just a blessing in disguise. God is making you productive. You will live and not die and you will declare the works of the Lord.

God is destroying the yoke of bondage off of you and catapulting you into your place of promise. Where you are at the moment is not where you shall be. You’re about to walk into your place of favor.

He’s turning it around.

Now let’s pray.

God, some days, these difficult situations I’m facing seem too much to handle. But thank You for the assurance that, through this affliction, I will be blessed. In the meantime, please help me not to grow weary. Today, I declare by faith that I’m about to walk into a new season of breakthrough, blessing and favor, and I thank You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.