You are not disqualified from God's favor


My social anxiety used to get the best of me whenever it was time for me to do something for God. Fear would take hold of my heart.

At one point, I believed the emotional baggage due to my sexual molestation at six years old would rob me of joy and peace forever. I didn’t think I would ever fully follow the divine path God laid out for me because of my struggles. I sought safety in anonymity. I preferred being alone. I rejected love and affection. I pushed others away. I thought everyone would hurt me. I didn’t know who or how to trust.

I was broken and fragile. I was an emotional wreck at times. How could God ever use me? How could He get glory out of my life? How would He reach past all the hurt, brokenness and fragility and pull out the treasure buried deep within?

Well, that’s just what He specializes in!

When I was much younger, I thought I was the only one who felt such a strong call of God but wrestled with my own brokenness at the same time. I hid my fears, worries, and struggles for the longest time. It wasn’t until I discovered the truth of God’s word that I saw I wasn’t alone. We are all broken in some way and in need of a savior. Each of us is fragile and flawed.

One of the liberating scriptures I love is 2 Corinthians 4:7 NLT, which says, “We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.”

What powerful imagery we find in this passage of scripture. Imagine a cracked clay pot with a priceless treasure in it. How could something seemingly worthless and so marred contain what is so beautiful and valuable?

Friend, that cracked pot is you; it’s me. We’re all just a bunch of cracked pots, but the power of God makes us able to do things that, we, on our own, are not able to do. For those who are yielded to His will, He makes the impossible possible.

There is a great treasure in us because there is a great power—in fact, the greatest power of all—in us.

That’s why you shouldn’t waste time worrying about what you do or don’t have. Don’t pick yourself apart. Don’t assume that you have too much of one thing and not enough of another to lay hold of all the promises of God. The power comes from Him and not from you.

That’s why I so love the story of Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9, which I have shared about on the blog before. To briefly recap, he was the son of Jonathan, King David’s best friend and the son of Saul, King David’s worst enemy. After Mephibosheth’s dad and granddad were killed in battle, the boy’s terrified nurse took off running. In her haste, she accidentally dropped Mephibosheth on the ground. He fell so hard he was left crippled.

So he became confined to a place called Lodebar, which, in Hebrew means “no pasture.” It was a dry, desperate and desolate place for Mephibosheth, who no doubt felt forsaken and doomed to be in that place his whole life.

But years later, King David, who was now rich and powerful, remembered the promise he made to show loyalty and kindness to Saul’s family. That’s when he sought out Mephibosheth, whose name means "dispeller of shame.”

To dispel, which is to make something disappear, is the perfect word to describe what God did for this man. The Lord erased, got rid of and totally wiped away Mephibosheth’s shame, and replaced it with favor, and blessings.

David gave him the full inheritance of Saul and his family. This great treasure now belonged to Mephibosheth, who, despite his deficiency, would always be a guest at King David’s table (2 Samuel 9:9-10).

Before this divinely orchestrated breakthrough in Mephibosheth’s life, he wrote himself off. He assumed that, because of his inability to function the way others did, he wouldn’t be, do, or have very much in his life.

How wrong he was!

And if you think that about yourself, how wrong you are, too.

He didn’t realize that having limitations both physically, mentally and emotionally, did not disqualify him from receiving the favor of God. If God greatly blessed Mephibosheth despite all he had working against him, the Lord will do the same thing for you.

No matter where you are or what your limitations may be, you are not disqualified from God’s favor.

With or without a lot of money, education, connections, physical strength or all the other stuff the world says you need, the Lord’s plan for your life will be fulfilled. You’re not too broken, old, mentally unstable, bound by addiction, weak, financially ruined, emotionally fragile, sin-sick, afflicted, far behind, or limited for God.

No matter what your limitations are, God’s unlimited power is working on your behalf. He’s making the impossible possible for you right now!
— Dianna Hobbs

He chose you and He’s going to bless you beyond measure.

So if you’ve been feeling concerned about what you lack and trying to figure out how you will access all God has for you, this is your reassuring word. You don’t have to go to it; it will come to you. The blessings of God will pursue you and chase you down. And when they do, you will know that it is not because of what you did, but because of what God did.

Power belongs to Him.

Just remain faithful to God and know that He wants to use your life to get glory. To get you ready to receive great things, I’m stirring Deuteronomy 28:2 ESV into your cup of inspiration, which says, “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the LORD your God.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, if you are in your own physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional Lodebar—a difficult, dry, dead place, with no pasture—this word is for you. God wants you to know He has a good plan for you. His favor still belongs to you.

God is dispelling your shame and turning your “no pastures” into “green pastures,” because He is your shepherd, according to Psalm 23.

As a matter of fact, glance over your shoulder and see all the blessings chasing after you right now.

Now let’s pray.


God, thank You that, despite my own limitations, Your unlimited power makes provision for every need and makes the impossible possible in my life. I rejoice that I am loved, favored and blessed, because I am Yours. Thank You for Your mercy and grace. I receive all the favor You have for me because I realize that the blood Christ shed at Calvary has made me worthy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time... may today's cup of inspiration uplift, encourage, and empower you!

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