Round two is coming!



The ministry received a praise report today which had me and my prayer team rejoicing. A woman wrote this to me:

I listen to your podcast and read your blogs to keep me uplifted during what WAS the most difficult season of my life.  I was literally unemployed for a year and a half. I used up all of my savings and was essentially homeless (staying with my son and then a cousin). 

I cried in the airport as I was listening to yesterday's podcast. It was such an on time word as they have been this week, for sure.  I was heading to another 4th round interview.  I just thought I bombed it during my presentation. They told me that they'd have a decision in 3 to 4 week.  I was mortified on the inside as I smiled and nodded. I had been on interview after interview and applied to over 1,000 jobs (literally).  

I arrived home today only to receive a phone call from them 3 or 4 hours later offering me the job!!! *Praise Break*

I am so grateful to God! I truly appreciate you and your team for your prayers.  These blogs and podcasts have been so encouraging especially when I was barely holding on.  God is truly faithful.  I am in awe of His beauty.  I kept telling the Lord how beautiful He is. It is all so surreal that my delay is finally over.  Praise the living God!!! 

Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement! 

After I gave God praise I paused to consider what she wrote: she applied to over 1,000 jobs. That means, she had to deal with more than 1,000 rejections before she got to her yes. But she didn’t give up. She kept on feeding her spirit with the word of God to gain strength for the journey.

The wait wasn’t easy. The process was long. But she made it. And now she has a testimony that God turned it around.

For someone reading this, you haven’t made it to the other side yet. You feel broken and discouraged. But God wanted you to see this praise report so you can draw strength and encouragement from it, and know without a doubt that you’re up next. There is a victory with your name on it; a healing with your name on it; a new position with your name on it; a new home with your name on it; a legal triumph with your name on it; a breakthrough with your name on it; a miracle with your name on it.

You may feel like you’ve been on a continual losing streak, full of disappointment, discouragement and devastation. But you’re about to enter another round which will be totally different. You will taste the sweetness of victory after the bitterness of defeat the way the Israelites did the second time they went up against Ai.

If you have consistently read Your Daily Cup of Inspiration for a significant period of time, you likely know the story already. To quickly recap, in Joshua 7, the Israelites were defeated in a small Canaanite city called Ai because a man named Achan disobeyed God. He stole items that were supposed to be set aside as holy unto the Lord. So Achan defied God and all of Israel paid for his sin.

Under the law, there was a penalty for sin. In Achan’s case, it was the death of him and his family. Thank God we are no longer under the law, but under grace, amen?

Jesus took our place on the cross and paid for the sins we committed. Now we have new life because of His shed blood. Aren’t you glad about it?

Well, after God cleansed the camp and took Achan and his family out of the picture, the path was cleared for victory. In Joshua 8, the Israelite army, under the leadership of Joshua, went back for round two. This time, they defeated the city of Ai, which, in Hebrew, means “ruin” or “heap of ruins.”

They set Ai on fire and left it in ruins, and at the same time, Israel gained victory in a place that threatened to ruin them. Friend, God is about to turn your place of ruin and rejection into a place of restoration. Just hang in there.

In order to see Him do that, you can’t stop fighting. Don’t quit because round one didn’t go as planned. Don’t stop believing because things haven’t been working out. Round two is coming. Your heart might be shattered in a million pieces. Your frustration levels may be at an all-time high. The depth of your discouragement may make it hard to cling to faith.

I know how that feels. I’ve been there, deep down in the depths of discouragement, too. But I still had a fight in my spirit. You must fight also.

Fight for your faith. Don’t let the enemy steal it. It is the key to unlock all the amazing doors God has for you in the next season!
— Dianna Hobbs

God is saying, don’t be afraid to fight again, believe again, hope again and pursue your destiny again. Know that your best days are in front of you. Rebuke the devil and remind yourself that all is not lost. It is not over. Round two is your victory round.

At the moment, you might be reading this as you’re standing in the middle of your own personal Ai or heap of ruins. You still feel stuck in your round-one nightmare. But you’re about to recover all. You will have a praise report to share. Your storyline is changing. For a long time, your life has been filled with one letdown after another; one setback after another; one disappointing outcome after another.

After more than 1,000 losses, God is declaring to you today that your winning season is coming. God is going to restore to you what the enemy has stolen. Don’t be too afraid to believe God because of what has happened in the past. He’s up to something brand new!

If you dare to trust Him, you will see the manifestation of His promises. To remind you to keep your hope and confidence in the Lord, I’m stirring Psalm 31:19 NIV into your cup of inspiration, which says,How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, get excited that, in the coming days, God is releasing an abundance of good things. So get your expectation up. Exercise your faith, which releases God’s power. Rebuke fear and let hope arise within you in again.

God will heal. He will mend. He will lift. He will provide. He open the door. He will make the way. He wills stabilize you. He will put the pieces of your broken life back together again.

Round two is coming. Decree and declare that I’m stepping into my new season.

While you’re rejoicing over the new season that’s on the way for you, join me in praying for the individuals who asked to be included on our “Thoughtful Thursdays” intercessory prayer list. As you intercede for them, God will work in your favor, too. There are also many other unlisted members of the Daily Cup faith community that are on our prayer list as well.

thoughtful thursdays.jpg

We are believing God to move miraculously. Please join me in praying for the following individuals:

Anna wrote: Hi Dianna. My six year old daughter has been diagnosed with Leukemia. My heart is broken but I don’t know what else to do accept run to God. I know you were healed of two autoimmune diseases when doctors gave you no hope. I believe the same God that healed you will heal my precious daughter. Thank you for your prayers of faith and for your amazing encouragement that helps get me through my darkest days. I believe God!

Anonymous wrote: I am a pastor’s wife in the Houston area and my husband has been sleeping with other women in the congregation. One of them came to me crying with proof of the affair. I am currently pregnant. I knew in my heart that this was going on for a long time but I was in denial. I can no longer ignore the truth. More people in my faith community are learning about what has been happening and I am so embarrassed. I want to get a divorce but at the same time I don’t know what to do. Please pray for me. I feel so forgotten and forsaken by God. After all I do to please Him and serve Him faithfully in ministry and be loyal to my husband, why has this terrible thing happened to me? I feel helpless and hopeless. My heart is broken.

Anonymous wrote: Dear Dianna. Your blogs and podcasts fill up my life with hope in hopeless situations. Recently nothing is working out and circumstances are telling me to give up on my desire for my own home. Whenever I feel a little low and look up to Lord...right there pops up your podcast. God is so amazing. Please sister pray with us (me and my hubby) to the Lord to open the door and bless us with our own home. As He released the people of Israel from slavery, we are also praying for our freedom from bondage. He knows the pain we’re feeling inside and we look only up to Him to open the way. Amen.

Anonymous wrote: I am requesting prayer today. I have been living in my car for a while. I've just been going through it ever since I got a divorce. I'm a victim of domestic violence. Lack, debt, poverty, and depression has been trying to destroy me. I ask that my Heavenly Father completely deliver me out of this situation that I'm in. I pray for manifested miracles, breakthroughs, to be debt free, peace, restoration, favor, financial abundance, and healing to take place in every area of my life. I ask for God to open doors that no man can shut and show up and show out on my behalf, in Jesus name. Thank you for being in agreement with me. God Bless.

Anonymous wrote: I have been a fan of your inspirational podcast, reading daily inspirations for quite some time now. You are truly an anointed woman of God and your ministry has and is a blessing to my life. I look forward to reading them daily. I interceded for you during your near death experience and watched God heal and deliver you! God is awesome! Won't He do it! I pray many more blessings are in store for you. I have several prayers requests:

1) The enemy has attacked my oldest niece with a spirit of rebellion, disrespect, disobedience and dishonesty, causing division with her and her mother. God is able to take away the ungodly spirit within her and bring her to repentance and restore the relationship with her mother.

2) Two of my very dear friends’ bodies have been attacked by the enemy: one with cancer that has spread to the spine. She is hospitalized. The other friend with intestinal issues has had several surgeries. She is at home and has been just discharged from hospital. Both are very sick. It’s serious but not too hard for God to heal, deliver, strengthen, restore and perform miracles according to His will.

Anonymous wrote: First of all, I really appreciate your daily inspirational messages. Thank you. My prayer request is to stop feeling like I took care if others and neglected myself and other responsibilities. I feel as though I put everyone else first, me last, and put all my dreams on hold. Sometimes when I need something from those I helped, they either ignore me or help me, but while they are helping, they are informing their associates, etc. of what ordeal I am going through. When I am informed about my ordeal from their associates, I feel as though trust was broken by the helper. I need direction and guidance for this new chapter in my life to trust and move on with my life.

Anonymous wrote: Praying that God will give me favor as I embark on relocating myself and my family to Georgia. I was raised in California from 6 months to 56. Now the Holy Spirit has been moving upon my heart to move to Georgia to become a home owner and continue to do the work of the Lord. Please pray for me & my family.

Anonymous wrote: I feel very much humiliated because an ex-boyfriend has chosen and married a girl, who is not a Christian, over me. My ex and I are both Christians. I hope that I can fully accept this and hope that my breakthrough will come soon. I need a word from God.

Anonymous wrote: Hey my sisters, I’d like to ask you guys for prayer for my dad’s best friend Ray. He has been going in and out of the hospital and he collapsed twice, and he finally was admitted. He has really bad shingles and Bell’s Palsy. He can’t walk right now. They’ve been doing a lot of MRIs and at one point, when they tried to give him Morphine, his heart stopped. Ray is such a strong man. He works so hard and does everything for his family. Every time we see him, he’s sobbing so hard, calling up to Jesus, which is very hard to watch because he’s a man that’s strong. So I’m asking for your prayers for healing.

Anonymous wrote: My friend is in dire need of money and employment. She was laid off in May and has no money. Please pray for my friend Nancy. Thank you!

Now let's pray.


God, You see every worry, every need, every heartache, every worry, every care and every single negative situation. As complicated and difficult as the issues of life can be to deal with, they are never too hard for You to rectify. So today, we join our faith together and believe that You will intervene. As an act of faith, we send up a praise of thanksgiving for the future praise reports and testimonies of breakthrough that will come as a result of us placing our full trust in You to complete the work. We will follow Your leading and submit to Your will, for You know what is best for us in all things. You always have an amazing plan to cause all things to work together for our good. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time... may today's cup of inspiration uplift, encourage, and empower you!

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