It's not too far gone

Photo Credit: GETTY

Photo Credit: GETTY

Our oldest daughter Kyla is the captain of her competition team in dance school. A couple months ago, she and her troop won first place in their division. As the captain, she was given the honor of taking the trophy home for one night. She would then bring it back to school the following day where it would be displayed in a special case.

Kyla was just beaming and we were proud of her, too.

When we arrived home that evening, Kyla was carrying several things in her arms, including the trophy. Unfortunately, she lost her grip and dropped the statue, shattering it into multiple pieces. As you can imagine, she was horrified!

She had ruined the trophy that didn’t belong to her. Our poor teen was just as emotionally broken up, if not more so, than the actual statue. She cried and talked about how bad she felt. In an effort to help the situation, my husband and I figured out how to glue the pieces back together. Though it wasn’t perfect, it turned out better than expected.

Kyla also admitted her mistake to her teacher, who was completely understanding about it. Everything turned out alright, though it was very upsetting for her at first. It feels awful when you accidentally destroy something that doesn’t belong to you, right?

This makes me think about a story in the Bible found in 2 Kings 6:1-6. Here we learn about a company of prophets from Jericho. They believed in the validity of the ministry of Elisha, who had become the leading prophet of his day after Elijah ascended to Heaven. These gifted and anointed men reverenced and respected Eilsha. They followed him faithfully.

This school of prophets lived together in one place so they could be trained under Elisha, a true servant of God. They were all humble enough to see their need for greater wisdom. They were hungry enough to submit to Elisha though they were themselves prophets. They were also sincere enough about knowing the Lord better and being used by Him to dwell in one place to receive an outpouring.

But as the school of prophets grew, the space where they stayed wasn’t big enough to accommodate the growth. So they told the prophet Elisha they wanted to build something a bit more spacious for themselves and him. Once the plan was agreed upon, these ministry-focused men went to the Jordan River to cut down trees to create a wood supply for the building project.

As they worked, one of the prophets that had borrowed an ax suffered an unfortunate incident. While he was cutting down a tree, as he slung his ax, his ax head fell into the water.

God knows this situation is hard. He’s going to work it out and the way He does it will amaze you. Trust Him!
— Dianna Hobbs

And as you know, iron does not float. There was no way he could retrieve it. And to make matters worse, like Kyla’s trophy, the ax didn’t belong to him. It was borrowed. Understandably, he was totally stressed out.

When he told Elisha what happened, the man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed Elisha the place, the Bible says Elisha cut off a piece of wood, threw it into the water at that very place and made the ax head float.

Elisha said, “Pick it up.” The disciple reached for it and picked it up. Just like that, the ax head was recovered. The situation that, moments earlier, looked too far gone to be rectified, was completely turned around. All this prophet’s fears and worries were allayed.

How in the world does one make iron swim by throwing a stick into water? Man can’t do it, but with God all things are possible. That’s the point. When the Lord intervenes, what you are unequipped and unable to accomplish on your own, He makes it happen.

Friend, there are some situations you need God to work out. You are in a tough predicament and you can’t fix this. It’s too far gone for you to resolve. You can’t turn it around. You are at a disadvantage. If God doesn’t show up and move in your favor, the results will be disastrous. Like in the case of the sunken borrowed ax head, a solution is out of your reach.

Well, don’t fret. God is making a way. In fact, this message is His way of assuring you that He sees and knows the dire situation you’re facing. He recognizes your limited ability. He is fully aware that you don’t have the power, the know-how, or the strength to shift things on your own.

You feel like you’re sinking and you’re going to drown in a sea of unresolvable issues. But no you’re not. He’s working. He’s doing the miraculous. He’s making the impossible happen. The same God that made iron float in a river, parted the Red Sea, made the stormy seas obey Him, and raised Christ from the dead, is resurrecting what seemed dead in your life.

That means situations that looked too far gone are shifting right now. God will show you through this next breakthrough that His power is greater than any obstacle you could ever face.

To help you believe that today, I’m stirring Luke 1:37 NKJV into your cup of inspiration, which says, “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, believe and rejoice in advance for your turnaround. By the power of the living God you will recover. Your body will be healed. Relationships will be restored. Your loved ones will be saved. Increase will come. Your joy and peace will return. Your emotions will stabilize. Depression and anxiety will loosen its hold. You will break free of strongholds, shackles and cycles that have had you bound. The addiction will be broken. God will establish you and restore balance to your life. You will get the position. Your business will be profitable. Your ministry will flourish. You will thrive, bear fruit and reap a harvest.

God will deliver you!

Be confident, not in yourself, but in God’s power to do all things.

Now let’s pray.


God, I thank You for the assurance that You’re already working my situation out. What looks impossible to man is not impossible for you. Right now I rejoice by faith for my new season of blessings, favor and breakthrough. No matter what it looks like, I speak Your word over my life and circumstances. It’s not too far gone, because nothing is too hard for You. I praise You in advance for deliverance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time... may today's cup of inspiration uplift, encourage, and empower you!

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