Don’t let the enemy get inside your head


During my high school years, I was bullied a lot and had to learn quickly to defend myself. I never liked fighting and just wanted to have a peaceful educational experience. I tried to stay out of trouble and steer clear of bullies as much as possible. I kept to myself.

Unfortunately, kids would tease me and single me out anyway. Why are they targeting me?  I wondered. Why won’t they just leave me alone?

I never quite got the answers I was looking for, but now I look back on those days with a thankful heart. Being mistreated, targeted and attacked showed me my strength. I could handle a lot more than I thought I could. And although the mean insults felt bad, by the grace of God, my enemies didn’t get inside my head and control my thoughts about myself.

Their meanness gave me more mental and emotional strength. The hard stuff I went through built character in me. It also taught me that no one, no matter who they are, gets through life without being attacked.

Even David, a mighty warrior and a powerful king, was attacked by his own son Absalom, who tried to kill his dad and take over the throne. To make things even worse, in 2 Samuel 16:5-14, as all this was happening, David and his troops came face-to-face with a man named Shimei, a family member of Saul.

Shimei hated David who had taken over Saul’s throne, so he cursed David out. He also threw rocks at David and all his men, hitting them and tossing dirt on them. Shimei said, “Get out, get out, you murderer, you scoundrel!” He told David God was going to let Absalom kill him and take over.

God is going to see to it that everything the enemy intended to curse you will bless you. He’s flipping it in your favor!
— Dianna Hobbs

Those hateful words could have made David feel sad and ashamed, but nope. He didn’t let Shimei get inside his head. One of David’s men named Abishai was angry. He wanted to cut off this evil attacker’s head. But David would not let him do that. He said leave Shimei alone because maybe God told him to curse me.

Now, the Bible doesn’t give us any evidence that God actually sent Shimei to curse the king. Yet, we all can learn something from David’s calm response. In verse 12, instead of expecting the worst to result from being cursed, David said, “It may be that the Lord will look upon my misery and restore to me his covenant blessing instead of his curse today.”

Do you see how David focused his attention on what God could do for him instead of what the enemy was trying to do against him? David could have fought Shimei. He could have gotten worried about this man spreading lies and throwing dirt. But he didn’t waste any energy on that.

Perhaps you are under attack today. Satan would love for you to let him get inside your head and toy with your mind. He would enjoy seeing you frustrated and aggravated; worried and stressed out; fearful and anxious. But don’t be. Instead, be like David. Expect to see God turn the curse of the enemy into a blessing.

Let Satan throw his stones. Let him attack your health, your mind, your finances, your relationships, and your loved ones. Let him come against you full force. Let him try to stop your breakthrough. Let him say and do whatever he wants. Just keep expecting the same God who allowed the attack to cause it to work for your good.

God allowed the controversy; the sickness; the job loss; the financial setback; and the upsetting situation. But He won’t leave you in a bad place. He will bring you out.

To help you expect the best outcome, I’m stirring a portion of Deuteronomy 23:5 ESV into your cup of inspiration, which says, “… your God turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the LORD your God loved you.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, rejoice and be happy that this won’t work out the way Satan wants it to. His plan is to harm you, but God’s plan is to help you and bring good things out of this ugly circumstance.


Because He loves you.

Now let’s pray.


God, Satan has come after me. He is using his best tactics hurt me and hold me back. But thank You for protecting me and making everything that was supposed to work against me be a blessing to me. I know You are for me and You are greater than whatever or whoever comes against me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time... may today's cup of inspiration uplift, encourage, and empower you!

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