My silence is necessary


Now that I have been able to share God’s goodness and assure you that all is well with me, I will continue my ministry and social media hiatus. Lord willing, I will return in January 2020, ready to fully reengage and resume a normal schedule in the New Year.

I may blog from time to time as God leads.

I still need time for God to replenish and pour into me until my cup is overflowing. Then, out of the abundant riches of what He has poured into me, I will in turn share with you. My capacity is yet limited, and I have to catch up on so many things I have missed.

Thanks for understanding and praying for me. My silence is necessary. However, please know, it is well my soul, my mind, my spirit, and my body. I just have to ease my way back into life.

If you would like more details about my health and what God did for me, please CLICK HERE to read my latest update and testimony.

Be back soon. I love you.