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Here’s why victory is yours

Nothing can stop you because the all-powerful One dwells within you. No matter how intimidating the opposition, how challenging the situation, or how big the obstacle, our God is greater. There is no predator bad enough to defeat Him, no authority great enough to usurp His, and no word powerful enough to overturn His word. He has made you victorious!

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Wake up!

As you read this inspiration, may your heart and mind be awakened to the truth of Romans 8:37 that declares, in all these things, you are more than a conqueror! Whatever comes against, don’t worry, because God is for you. So wake up your courage. Wake up your confidence. See through God’s eyes.

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God can do more with less

Lift up your head. Place your hope in the God of your salvation. He won’t allow you to be overthrown, overtaken or overwhelmed by trouble. Don’t worry about your deficiency, because Christ is your sufficiency.

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