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God is preparing you for victory

Do your circumstances seem to be pointing to the worst possible outcome? Well, God is working things out and moving on your behalf. His hand of deliverance is outstretched. Though the enemy has come at you full-force and adversity is all around, you are surrounded by His favor. God’s power has already secured your victory!

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You are on the winning side

Rejoice. Laugh. Shout. Praise. No matter what it looks like right now, you have the victory. The enemy has come against you, but God’s favor belongs to you. You are on the winning side. This is already done!

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God will restore & you will recover!

If you're going through a loss or setback, rebuke discouragement. See your present difficulties and harrowing circumstances as transitional phases on your road to breakthrough. You will recover. God will restore!

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