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It’s the start of a new season

What may appear to the be the end: the end of a job; the end of a relationship; the end of health; the end of happiness; and the end of something good is actually the start of something better. It’s the start of a new season. God will do even greater things. He is not finished with you yet.

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God will do it totally & completely!

God has the power to turn your life around instantly. Expect your shift. God specializes in producing miraculous breakthroughs. No matter how bad it looks, how long it’s been, how difficult it is, and how unlikely it seems, our God is more than able to totally and completely shift things!

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When it doesn't feel good

Part of spiritual maturity is accepting the will of God in all things. It’s easy to enthusiastically say yes to the will of God and declare His greatness when things go our way. But God wants a yes and a praise when He takes us down a path we don’t prefer.

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