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Don’t be afraid

In today’s podcast, Dianna Hobbs says your circumstances may be intimidating and you may be facing giants in your place of promise, but God is greater than any adversity that comes against you. So don’t be afraid. Don’t fret. Don’t retreat. Don’t stop believing God. Don’t throw in the towel. Expect victory, for the Lord is with you. Listen and be blessed!

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Don’t back down

Satan is hoping he can get you to retreat so you can forfeit your destiny. In today’s inspirational message, Dianna Hobbs assures you that if you hang in there and refuse to quit, there is an amazing breakthrough on the other side of this struggle.

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This is just a set up

Does it look like you’re down for the count and will be surely defeated? Dianna Hobbs gets you ready for an epic plot twist in today’s inspiration. She says, God is setting you up for something good.

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