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Get ready for a divine switch!

To switch, by definition is to change direction or make a radical shift. And through this word, God is preparing your heart for something unexpected He wants to do in your life. It won’t follow your pattern and He won’t do it your way, but if you remain open to His will, you’ll receive unanticipated blessings and favor!

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Faith opens the door for blessings!

Dianna Hobbs encourages you not to let intimidating, difficult obstacles discourage you from believing God for the best. She reminds you that trouble will come, and yet, there is power in your faith that unlocks doors, releases blessings, and taps into divine favor. Believe God and watch Him move on your behalf. Listen and be uplifted!

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God is making the bitter sweet

No matter who you are or where you’re from, life won’t always be sweet, but God has the power to turn things around. In today’s inspiration, Dianna Hobbs says, sure, there will heartaches, but God will change the course of your destiny, shift things in your favor!

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