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You have a great destiny

God has His hand on your life. There is something special He’s going to do for you and through you to make you an example of His glory. Get ready for it. All the events of your life—good and bad— have been woven together by a sovereign God to create the beautiful tapestry of your divine purpose. 

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The enemy cannot take what’s yours

What God has for you is for you and there’s nothing the enemy can do to take it away. He may scheme, form weapons, and cause minor setbacks but he can’t permanently hinder you from receiving all you are destined to have!

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Amazing things happen where faith is found

In today’s cup of inspiration, Dianna Hobbs assures you that, if you can furnish the faith, God is able to furnish the miracle. Listen and get your faith and expectation up to reap an incredible harvest of blessings!

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