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In 2016,  Dianna Hobbs, a  beloved Christian, wife, mom of four and ministry leader, began vlogging to overcome her discomfort with being visible tied to her sexual molestation as a 6-year-old. Day-by-day, she says "The more I share, the easier it gets." Join Dianna on her journey as she shares her family and faith.


Current Vlog

April 25, 2018 "The fire of the Holy Ghost!"

Dianna spends time with family in North Carolina and shares two powerful sermons during a prayer conference at Maranatha Church where Pastor Harvey "Chip" Rice and Lady Thursday Rice are the leaders. Enjoy family, ministry, laughs and praise all in one awesome vlog!




Previous Vlog

April 15, 2018 -- "I'm Melting!"

It's a fun day! Kyla completed her very first dance competition, but things did not go as planned. Plus, as always, enjoy laughs, conversation and relaxation with the Hobbs crew.



March 28, 2018: "Worth more than gold"

Dianna Hobbs and the children hang out for the day to head to the dentist and the mall. Though hubby couldn't join them on this day, they had plenty of laughs to share. See what exactly inspired the title of the video. Hint! It has something to do with a public dance at the mall. Watch and enjoy. And don't forget to subscribe.


March 25, 2018: "Back like I never left"

After being on a hiatus to complete her new book, God Did It, currently available on, Dianna returns with an introduction that's sure to make you dance, and plenty of updates on her life. Also, the ministry leaders shares her excitement about the one-year anniversary of her healing!


February 28, 2018: "Look at the greatness of our God"

When Dianna Hobbs went to the island of Bermuda to minister at a Women's Weekend, she did what she always does and took #TeamHobbs along for the ride. See the breathtaking views of the island and a few snippets of the life-changing ministry encounter that Bermudians are sill buzzing about.