God’s favor is all you need!



My no-grip sneakers sent me sliding across the slippery gymnasium floor, wishing I could just fall through it and disappear. My parents’ meager budget for school shopping made my defective gym shoes—one white and the other off-white—seem like a good purchase from “The Sample” department store.

While I desperately hoped no one would notice the color difference, I had no such hope for the floor actually swallowing me up. So, after lying there for what felt like an eternity, I slowly stood up, steadied myself and pretended not to notice the stares, and giggles of my 8th grade classmates. I wasn’t sure which was funnier to them: my three-dollar mismatched sneakers with the perfectly smooth soles, or the stumble that landed me flat on my stomach.

As I walked by a row of mockers on the bench, I swallowed the lump in my throat, along with my pride and feelings of embarrassment. I was seen as poor, socially awkward and pretty low on the totem pole back then. Nevertheless, as embarrassing as all that was, none of those negative perceptions had any bearing on my divine destiny. Despite being considered (and feeling) the least significant among my peers, God knew He was going to get glory through my life in the future.

Friend, people look at outward appearances and assign significance to external things, but God is not like man. Aren’t you glad about that?

Earlier today, I was reading 1 Samuel 16:8, where Jesse presented his second son, Abinadab, to the prophet Samuel for consideration as King Saul’s replacement. But when Samuel saw Abinadab, he rejected him, just as he had done with the firstborn, Eliab, telling Jesse, “The Lord has not chosen this one, either.”

Jesse pushed forward seven of his eight sons before God prompted the prophet to ask him, “Are these all the sons you have?” That’s when Jesse said, “There is still the youngest. He is tending the sheep.” Little did he know, the youngest, David, was the anointed one.

Just because people discount you, does not mean God has counted you out. You are favored of the Lord, and He will elevate you despite others’ attempts to discredit you!
— Dianna Hobbs

Abinadab, whose name means “noble”—of high social or political class, or aristocratic—would seemingly be better suited than his kid brother for the job, right? Clearly, David’s father, Jesse, esteemed Abinadab more highly. Even when it came down to fighting Goliath,  Abinadab would have made a better logical choice. After all, he was a part of Saul’s army according to 1 Samuel 17:13, along with the firstborn, Eliab, and the third son, Shammah.

But David, who lacked military experience, was the one God chose and favored to fight and beat the intimidating giant. Though David didn’t have his daddy’s seal of approval, nor the distinction of being a soldier, he had the most important thing: the favor of the Lord.

And so do you!

Listen, it is not nobility, experience, man’s recommendation, or suitability for the job that secures a position for you. God’s favor is greater than all these things combined. When you are His choice, God opens doors for you and grants you access. He makes ways, moves mountains and increases you. God promotes you and secures victories for you every time!

The enemy may tell you, you are not enough. Well, hit back and tell him, I am in the hands of God, who is more than enough. Nothing can stop you, block you, or hinder you from walking in your destiny.

Today, if you feel anxious and concerned about being inadequate or ill-equipped for what you need to do, have, or be, God is sending this word to put you at ease. Be assured that His hand of favor, which is the hand that pushes open every door you are destined to walk through, is outstretched over you. Good things are going to happen, because you are His choice.

To remind you of this truth, I’m stirring four words the prophet Samuel said in 1 Samuel 16:12, before anointing David king, right into your cup of inspiration. He said, “This is the one.”

As you drink down the contents of your cup, rejoice that you are the one God has handpicked to bless. You are the one He has selected to break negative cycles in your family. You are the one He has singled out for greatness. You are the one He has showered with favor.

Now let’s pray.


God, thank You for not seeing me like others see me. You call me blessed, favored, and anointed. Help me walk in the fullness of who You say I am! Because Your hand is upon me, I declare that there is no limit to what You will do for me, in me, and through me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you desire prayer, please allow me, along with my intercessory prayer team, to stand in faith with you for breakthrough. We would be so honored. We have seen God work over and over again. There is power in agreement. Click here to request prayer now.

As always, thanks for reading and until next time... may today's cup of inspiration uplift, encourage, and empower you!