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It’s the start of a new season

What may appear to the be the end: the end of a job; the end of a relationship; the end of health; the end of happiness; and the end of something good is actually the start of something better. It’s the start of a new season. God will do even greater things. He is not finished with you yet.

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God’s favor is all you need!

It is not merely experience, man’s recommendation, or suitability for the job that secures a position for you. God’s favor is greater than all these things combined. When you are His choice, God opens doors for you and grants you access. He makes ways, moves mountains and increases you. God promotes you!

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You will see Him work!

In today’s inspiration, Dianna Hobbs admonishes you to to take on an attitude of faith while you’re going through this. Refuse to allow anything to steal your praise. Lift up your head. Keep your heart full of gratitude. Know you will see God work. But before you do, praise Him anyway.

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