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Keep on digging

God is going to enlarge you, restore what the enemy tried to steal from you, and make space for you to prosper. You will see God’s favor. He is waving His mighty hand of deliverance over your situation. Just dig down deep and keep on going. You will see amazing things happen!

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Get out of your own way

Get out of your own way so God can have His way! He has amazing things for you, but first, get out of yourself. Get out of your own thoughts. Get out of our comfort zone. Break outside that small box. Challenge yourself to trust God as He stretches you. Say no to complacency, small-minded thinking and negativity.

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Everything is already rigged in your favor

Feeling down and discouraged because of the fierce battle you're engaged in? Do you feel like you're caught up in a war you can't win? In today's podcast, you will be reminded that, everything, no matter how it looks, is rigged in your favor.

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